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Credit Cards for you (SCB)
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When someone applies for a loan either a Home Loan, Personal Loan or Business Loan or Credit Card the Banks and Issuer evaluates the loan application and eligibility of the person or the business entity on the basis of certain financial ratios. These ratios play a critical and justifying role for approval or rejection of a loan application. These ratios are the touchstones for the loan eligibility check and helps a Banker to take a calculative and intelligent decision to either sanction the loan or not. Those important financial ratios for loan are enumerated below; 1. ACID TEST RATIO The acid test ratio is also known as the liquid or the quick ratio. The idea behind this ratio is that stocks are sometimes a problem because they can be difficult to sell or use. That is, even though a supermarket has thousands of people walking through its doors every day, there are still items on its shelves that don't sell as quickly as the supermarket would like. Similarly, there are some items that will sell very well. This ratio helps in arriving at the swiftness with which a seller is able to manage cash flow through sells Acid Test Ratio = (Current Assets - Stocks) : Current Liabilities 2. BASIC PROFITABILITY There are several ways of measuring profit: gross profit; net profit before and after taxation; and retained profit are just some of them. A profit margin is one of the profit figures we just mentioned shown as a percentage of turnover. Profit = Turnover – Costs Gross Profit Margin = (Gross Profit/Turnover) x 100 Operating Profit Margin = (Operating Profit/Turnover) x 100 Net Profit Margin = (Net Profit/Turnover) x 100 Retained Profit Margin = (Reta8ined Profit/Turnover) x 100 Profit Mark up = (Profit/Cost) x 100 3. CURRENT RATIO The current ratio is also known as the WORKING CAPITAL RATIO and is normally presented as real ratio. Current Ratio = Current Assets : Current Liabilities 4. DIVIDEND COVER The dividend cover ratio tells us how easily a business can pay its dividend from profits. A high dividend cover means that the company can easily afford to pay the dividend and a low value means that the business might have difficulty paying a dividend. Dividend Cover = Net Profit to Equity Shareholder/Dividend Paid to Equity Shareholder 5. DIVIDEND YIELD The dividend yield ratio allows investors to compare the latest dividend they received with the current market value of the share as an indicator of the return they are earning on their shares. Dividend Yield = Latest Annual Dividend/ Current Market Share Price 6. DIVIDEND PER SHARE (DPS) The DPS ratio is very similar to the EPS: EPS shows what shareholders earned by way of profit for a period whereas DPS shows how much the shareholders were actually paid by way of dividends. DPS = Dividend paid to Equity Shareholders/ Average Number of Issued Equity Shares 7. EARNINGS PER SHARE (EPS) This is the most basic and fundamental investor ratio which tells us about the average amount of profits earned per ordinary shares issued. EPS = Profit available t equity shareholders/ Average number of issued equity shares 8. INTEREST COVER The interest cover ratio tells us the safety margin that the business has in terms of being able to meet its interest obligations. That is, a high interest cover ratio means that the business is easily able to meet its interest obligations from profits. Similarly, a low value for the interest cover ratio means that the business is potentially in danger of not being able to meet its interest obligations. Interest Cover = Net Profit before Interest/ Interest Paid 9. PRICE EARNINGS RATIO (P/E RATIO) The P/E ratio is a vital ratio for investors. Basically, it gives us an indication of the confidence that investors have in the future prosperity of the business. P/E Ratio = Current Market Share Price/ Earnings Per Share 10. EMI REPAYING CAPABILITY RATIO This ratio is used by the lender to arrive at a conclusion whether the debtor can pay the proposed EMI or not and hence it becomes the most critical ratio for sanctioning of loan or Credit card. This ratio must be less than 60% for most the banks otherwise they do not sanction the loan. The ratio is measured as EMI/ Net Income. Net income = Gross Income – all EMI and expenses. ...Read More
2019-05-03 19:00:42
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A : CIBIL score is way to find out the creditworthyness of an applicant. Score is calculated on the basis of all the loans outstanding and proper payment of the installments including the credit card outstanding payment. So if someone has taken a loan or has got a credit card ad if that person is paying his EMI's regularly and all monthly due payment for the credit card then credit score will be good and that means when he applies to a bank for another loan or credit card then due to his good credit history and repaying discipline his eligibility for another loan will be high. But suppose the person has defaulted in paying the EMI or outstanding due then the bank will report this to CIBIL and the credit score will come down. If the person has not paid the EMI at all and the account becomes NPA then his score will be badly affected; and it will come down. So, in your case if your CIBIL score is low then find out the reason for that and also the bank which has reported the default of payments. Once you have found that out then speak to bank and try to close the loan account by settling the amount. Once you have done this the bank will report it to the CIBIL and thus the negative aspect will be removed. This way you can improve your CIBIL Credit Score. ... Read More
A : First let us try to understand the concept and difference between Fixed rate of interest and floating rate of interest. Banks whenever gives you loan they will charge an interest on it which you pay as part of your monthly EMI. The interest is the extra that the bank is charging on the principal loan amount they you take from the bank. The interest levied on the loan is linked to a base rate called Bank rate and that is regulated by the RBI. Basis the guidelines provided by the Reserve Bank of India the Banks will have a bank rate. All different kinds of loans will have a rate of interest attached to it which will be Bank rate+some amount. ( Lets say the bank rate is 10% then ROI for home loan could be 12% = 10% +2%). Now Let us try to understand the concept of Fixed and Floating rate; Fixed rate- When you take the loan with Fixed ROI then for the complete loan tenure ( say 20 years for Home loan) the ROI will be fixed and hence the EMI will also remain fixed for the tenure regardless of change in the Bank rate. Floating Rate- If you have chosen the floating ROI then assume then the applicable interest rate will change as per the changing bank rate. Assuming you chose floating ROI which is bank rate + 2%. Then when the Bank rate is 10% your applicable ROI will be 12% and when the Bank rate is 9% your ROI will be 11% and when the Bank rate is 11% your ROI will be 13%. This means that your EMI for the loan will also keep changing with the Bank rate. Now the most important part, which ROI to choose from? Well for that you will have to figure out that how the economy and the bank rates are going to move. If you think that the bank rates are going to go up in future then you should settle with Fixed rate and in case you think the bank rates are going to go down then you should go for Floating. ... Read More

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